Private Chef Service

L.O.V.E. At First Bite!

Whether it’s your sweetheart’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, or even a party during the holidays, you can count on us to make the evening special!

With an experienced and licensed private chef, we’re equipped to exceed all your expectations. We specialize in Mediterranean, Jamaican, Asian, and an array of seafood.

We also have vegan options, as well as juicy steaks, creamy pasta variations, scrumptious entrées, appetizers, and myriad of desserts to choose from!

Our flavorsome and exquisite dishes will leave your guests wanting seconds. Part of the magic of hiring our services is that you can customize your meals according to your preferences.

Sometimes you just want to stay in bed, skip breakfast, and go for brunch instead. Sometimes you want an early dinner or snack. We’ve got you covered!

Our private chef takes pride in creating an infusion of flavors and hearty meals for you and your family. Our meals are customized to match your palette. You can leave breakfast, lunch, and dinner to us while you relax and go about your day!

Shirrell “Lady L.O.V.E” Edey

As the event planner souschef, Shirrell has more than 10 years of experience, working for some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. From one-bite desserts to scrumptious appetizers, and hearty main meals, there isn’t a dish she can’t make!

Using her vast culinary knowledge to create a combination of cultures, she aims to turn every meal an unforgettable adventure!

*Note: We pay great attention to your dietary restrictions and respect your health concerns. Just let our chef know your preferences and we’ll take care of the rest.

Feel free to contact us to learn more.